The Big Debate….Prewash: Yes or NO Cast your Vote

The Big Debate!

Prewash your fabrics before using them in your projects

Cast your vote!

Yes or NO

Tell me your thoughts, do you prewash your fabrics? Why?


Do you NOT prewash your fabrics?

I am a NOT prewash quilter. Why? Because I like the feeling of the fabric before it is prewashed, fresh of the bolt….and I don’t want to iron all of that yardage after I take it out of the dryer! That is just me being lazy, LOL

So I quilt on the wild side, I take my chances. I’m such a risk taker! LOL

How do you answer the age-old question of whether to prewash your fabric or not? See if your reasoning stands up to the protocols demonstrated by quilting expert Nancy McNally in this Quick Stitches & Tips episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

•             How to check colorfastness

•             Pros and cons of prewashing fabric.

•             Pros and cons of not prewashing your fabric.

Check out my video here:

Don’t forget to let me know if you are a prewasher or not in the comment section.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Nancy McNally

10 thoughts on “The Big Debate….Prewash: Yes or NO Cast your Vote

  1. I am not a prewasher of fabric for quilts for all of the reasons including not wanting to iron the prewashed, liking the feel of the new fabric, etc. I also like that a quilt after washing develops its own patina of wrinkles from shrinking a bit around the stitches.
    However for clothing, it is a sound yes. I do not want to spend the time to make a clothing article and find when I wash it, it doesn’t fit any more. 🙂

  2. I prewash all yardage, but not pre cuts. I want the extra dye as well as the sizing, dust and dirt gone. Even after washing, some deep colors will still run.

  3. I prewash large pieces if I have the time before starting a project. I can iron the fabric with starch or alternative to stiffen the fabric up again 🙂

    My sewing started with garments in 4H …

  4. No I do not pre-wash. I wash the quilts in Retayne before I give them away and that keeps any colours from running and sets the colours so they won’t run. I rarely use batiks and if by chance I do I will pre-wash them especially the reds and dark blues.

  5. Hmmm… That is a yes & no answer for me. For the most part, no. I dont feel there is much benefit to me to prewash – I don’t have any issues with the sizing. The fabrics will shrink at about the same rate as a cotton batting, and, from past experiences, I am ok with that. Also, if I used Best Press in the fabric prep, it almost acts as a pre-shrink agent lol. I do prewash some fabrics that may run or be over dyed.
    This is what works for me. I am enjoying reading the replies to this question. Thank you!

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