A Day with Syd

Every once in a while, and hopefully more often, I need a day with friends. You know, get out of the house and have fun. Walk away from the day to day routine or two get away from your routine and just relax. And I did! I had a day with Syd! Sydney is one of the most joyful friends I have! I love her to pieces! She has an infectious giggle and the biggest caring heart in anyone I have ever met! So this blog post is about her.

Cupcakes with Sydney, what a great treat to hang out with my Sydney!

Sydney and I have traveled together, worked at quilt shows, shopped at quilt shops, taken classes together, attending guild meetings together, we are members of a sit and sew group called the Pro-quiltinators, and much more! Even though she only lives 7 minutes from me and we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like, we are still best buddies!

On one of our “get away from the world days” we visited a quilt shop in the near by town, Rochester Hills. Let’s just say that when you visit this particular quilt shop, you have to walk next door to the Cupcake bakery!! Oh my! I love their cupcake flavors!!! I had a wonderful day with my Sydney! She and I caught up on life, giggled a lot, touched fabric (possibly, maybe even purchased some….) I need another day like that Syd!!

Here is my challenge for you: If you have not called a friend lately to tell them how much you enjoy their company, then do so today! Or as soon as you can! Enjoy life, take a break and go have a cup of coffee, tea whatever you wish and maybe have a cupcake with that friend too!

Happy Quilting!

Nancy McNally


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