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I found 2 books while taking classes at Decorative Stitch. There they were just propped up in a cubicle display looking so inviting. The books caught my eye! I picked up the first one, thumbed through it and yep, it was coming home with me. Oh darn, look there is another one…hmmm let’s take a look at this one. Oh yes! This book is one I have been needing, yep it is coming home with me to!

So, what books did I find?

I cannot wait to begin working on the quilts in this book!
I love Amanda Murphy’s work!

Quilts with an Angle: let’s talk about this book for a quick minute. Inside you will find fresh new designs! And I do mean Fresh! Sheila Christensen, author, has done what I have been wanting to do for years. The book is divided into lessons. You begin at the beginning and work through the book. Unless of course, you can’t wait and have to start a quilt that is in lesson 4 or 5 or further into the book, LOL. You can do what you want, I am going to work through from lesson 1 to the end of the book. She shows you how to use basic rulers to create angle cuts. You know those “extra” lines on our strip cutting rulers that most don’t use. Get the book and you will see what I am so excited about it.

The second book, Amanda Murphy’s book: Ruler Work Quilting Idea Book. Oh man does she have some great ideas. This book is written for both sitdown & stand up quilting machines. Here is what I decided to do after I devoured this book. I am going to create 24″ x 24″ quilts for each new ruler work skill. Yes, this will take forever (LOL). I will piece (1) 24″ x 24″ or say 18″ x 18″ block and add a 3″ border. That will give me a 24″ x 24″ small quilt to work with. Make the quilt sandwich, and walla I am ready to learn a new ruler skill on my sewing machine. Now mind you, I am a longarm quilter. Yes, I will have to probably make 2 of each of these projects, one for the sewing machine and 1 for the longarm…oh darn, I get to piece and quilt? What projects am I going to piece?

Well, in my Facebook group: Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally, we have a project going on from the book 501 Rotary cutting Quilt Blocks. We began at the beginning of the book. The blocks are listed in alphabetical order. Last week we were on letter K. I will use the blocks from the book. Except! I will have to redesign the blocks in EQ8 to make them larger. The book has the largest size at 12.5″ unfinished, I need my blocks to be 18.5″ unfinished.

I also have another book I will work out of: The Quilt Block Cookbook. This is another skill builders book that has some interesting quilt blocks.

The lessons/skills offered in this book are what inspired me to acquire (bring home) this book.

I am super excited about this project! I am sure some of you are thinking, what are you going to do with all those quilt blocks after you have finished them. They will be my “text book blocks”. I will take notes and have them to refer to when teaching classes or just helping others. I don’t have to have a “purpose” for everything I make. I quilt because I love it!

Time to get moving and get my day rolling!

Happy Quilting everyone!

Nancy McNally

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