Do you ever shop at Harbor Freight?

Well I do!

Yes, I shop at Harbor Freight! And look what I bought! Actually my husband decided that I needed this cabinet. We have been rearranging my sewing room and he knew I needed something to put my threads and other longarm supplies in. So, one day he called me and said he had an idea for my thread storage. When he came home he showed me the Harbor Freight sale flyer and said I think this would work for you. I told him it would be great! Except, I could not afford it. He bought it for me, I think he loves me.


My new cabinet from Harbor Freight

And Guess what?! I filled it! I have just a few items left to put into 1 drawer. My tools such as screwdriver and a few other small items.

Look how full it is!!

So here is what I have in my longarm cabinet drawers. On top I keep the bobbin winder, notebook, holder for thin templates, a row of foam that holds the bobbins I’m currently using, and scissors.

Top of cabinet


bottom draw, cottons
pretties!! Polyesters from YLI, Glide and Superior
Variegated threads from YLI, Superior
Silks, metallics from YLI, Fil-Tec and Wonderfil
More threads the long skinny cones are from Madeira . They are actually polyester, they look like cotton

 And I filled my cabinet! The longarm rulers you see in this picture are for sale. I do NOT have them on my website yet. If you are interested, you can send me a message. I have 2 straight edge rulers, 3 circles, 2 curve cross hatching rulers and my Humpty Bumpty. I will have them on my site soon with prices and descriptions. Of course I will offer tutorials too.

I wonder what other goodies I can find at Harbor Freight?! Do you have any you would like to share? Let me know in the comment box below, Thank you!

Happy Quilting everyone!

Nancy McNally

4 thoughts on “Do you ever shop at Harbor Freight?

  1. That is AMAZING ! ! ! ! ! ! I love using “un-normal” things for normal every day uses. I haven’t wandered thru Harbor Freight (though I came close one time), but I DO love Lowe’s, etc .. seeking things others wouldn’t think about using in the sewing room. My thread stash is in wooden 2 silverware holders in a drawer as I obviously don’t have as much as you do, and 4 IKEA spice racks (less that $3 each!!) are mounted on a wooden slab and all my ribbons are in the spice racks. I had them on dowels on a stand, but decided I liked the idea of taking the ribbon spool out of the rack and putting it back.
    Did the little foam things that hold your bobbins come with the tool case, or are they from something else? No matter, you have an amazing storage system, and your hubby seems kind of amazing as well! 🙂

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