Half Square Triangles

What is your favorite method of creating half square triangles (HST)?

bunches of Half Square Triangles


With right sides together, do you:

Do you like to start with larger than needed squares so you can trim the HST to the correct size?

Do you like to draw the diagonal line and sew 1/4″ seam on both sides of the line, then cut apart on the drawn line?

Or maybe you like to cut the squares apart on 1 diagonal, place right sides together and sew?

What about the paper method? I believe there are triangle papers? Such as Triangles on a Roll or Thangles

Do you use a special ruler to cut your HST pieces?

I would love to hear how you like to make half square triangles.

I have a couple methods I like to use. I tried using the paper method, was not a fan. I do tend to cut my squares larger, draw the diagonal line, sew 1/4″ on either side, cut apart and trim to the correct size.

Great Block to use your half square triangles .

Happy Quilting!

Nancy McNally

4 thoughts on “Half Square Triangles

  1. I make a lot of Carpenters star quilts for Veterans and cancer victims. These require a lot of hst’s in quantities of eight or sixteen so I prefer the magic eight method of making hst’s. I use acuquilt for smaller quantities.

  2. I use the diagonal line and then sew both sides of the line. They seem to be more accurate than cutting them apart then adding 2 different colors

  3. I like the method of placing two strips of fabric right sides together, then cutting the triangles using a ruler designed for this. I check my size first, as I am not a fan of re-cutting the finished HST. If you have squares to start with, I draw the diagonal line and sew on either side. More than one way to do everything!

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