Its not about the Destination…

Recently someone said that,

“Its not about the Destination, its about the Journey”

This is so true! Earlier in the year I was asked to be a part of a national quilt show, teach my skills. I was thrilled! I was also asked to be their guest speaker at their other event. Now mind you, this all came about in several emails, with mistakes, misquoted dates…it was quite comical. Mistakes on the person that was inviting me. It is all good, I totally understand about getting dates confused, too much happening in our lives. I agreed to do both shows. Next, I was pushed for class proposals. I knew in the back of my mind that my life was about to become very hectic and maybe I should back out of this before contracts came through. I did not back out, stuck with it. My fault, should have listened to my gut….you know that little voice in the back of your head…it is usually your mom! LOL

My time was being tasked or taken by a totally different job. Yes, still in the quilt world, but with a different company. A major publishing company in the craft industry. I was told by the producer, (yes, I’m filming for this publishing company) that once they got all their ducks in a row that I should not have anything else going on.

She was right! I got busy! Busy! Busy! and I’m still Busy!

I went to the previous mentioned event ready to teach and lecture. Brought quilt samples, handouts, freebies all sorts of supplies….3 large suitcases full of “stuff”. I drove alone for about 8 hours to make it to the event. I arrived exhausted. I should mention that I told numerous individuals that I had a gut feeling about attending this show that something was not right…something…and I was right. The owner of the show canceled one of my classes. That part is fine. Except I prepared for it. I never received an email saying the class was canceled. NEVER. I went through all my emails from her, ALL of my emails. Next I learned, and this was yesterday, that she has chosen another guest speaker for their 2018 event that was supposed to be me. Live and Learn. I’m certain she changed her mind because I did not make her event a top priority. I had and still do have a huge task ahead of me with the publishing company. I made a decision to go with them and I’m sticking to it.

While I was at the show, I spoke to her a few times. Things were great! I loved being there, absolutely had a blast! I love teaching. I realized I’m not a very famous teacher. My goal is not to be famous! I just love sharing what I love doing…and well getting paid for it, is a bonus. I just want to be me, and enjoy this journey. So…my destination is not the important part, it is the journey. Some would set their destination to be “famous”. Maybe they would run over the people that tried to stop them. I’m not like that. I want to enjoy the journey to reach my destination. What is my Destination? I honestly don’t know. I guess I will know when I arrive 🙂

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Happy Quilting everyone!

Remember: Life is a journey and you need to enjoy it! Don’t harbor or hold ill feelings against anyone, move on!

Nancy McNally

8 thoughts on “Its not about the Destination…

  1. Good for you Nancy! Sometimes that is easier said than done, but I applaud you for making that choice for your journey. Like another saying (that I included in one of my scrap quilt tops) ‘Not all who wander are lost.’ HUGS!

  2. Love your attitude, it is always best to keep moving forward, and not to let others control your attitude, keep smiling, I saw a quote from another post today. When one door closes, don’t spend so much time looking at it that you miss the new door that has opened.

  3. Wow! 8 hours of driving!! What a disappointment! Well, I KNOW ( along with the rest of my guild) how great you are.

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