I’ve Been a little Quiet

Yes, I have been a little quiet lately. When “life” is happening, I get quiet and focus on what is important. It is the new year, 2019, 10 days into the new year and I am finally getting back to my old routine.

What has been happening? Well, we sold our old home, finished the move. That was a huge undertaking. I’m glad the move is over…now to figure out where everything is going to go. You see, we downsized. Sold the big house and now live in a smaller home…the home I have showed with the pond in the backyard. Love it! Can’t wait to go fishing and plant some flowerbeds around my sewing room deck.

Winter on the pond, half frozen pond

The other part of “life” that happened, Christmas! I was so busy that I did not put up my Christmas tree till Sunday before Christmas. Christmas was on Tuesday. Decorating the tree….I was still decorating the tree Christmas Eve! As the kids (sons) showed up with their girlfriends, they took over decorating the tree so I could finish cooking our dinner. Phew! And they did a wonderful job!

“Life” well, I lifted some heavy items that I should not have and I had to “pull” myself up into my husband’s truck…the running boards are gone…he has not installed the new ones 🙁 . What happens when you do things to your body that you don’t normally do? You injure your neck, shoulders. I could not believe the pain I was in. The odd thing is that all started on the day we closed on the sale of the house. I was so excited about the closing that I ignored the pain..that little twinge. That little twinge got worse. We thought it was our memory foam mattress topper. So we took that off of our bed. Also I began sleeping on a new pillow. Seriously, thought all was related to those two things.

My friend, Cindy, was over for Bible study group Crosswaves. After study we were all just chatting and I mentioned how much pain my neck and shoulders were in. Cindy said she knew what was wrong, explained and well did a maneuver on my neck and head. My neck pain went away, but I had this odd headache going on. I went to bed and woke up and everything was back to normal!!! Can you stand it?! It worked!

Back to the Christmas tree. My youngest son John began putting the tree up in the living room where I asked him to put it. I was laying on the couch wrapped in a blanket in pain. I hear, “Mom, can you come in here?” One eye opened and I said, “sure”.

John: Mom, we have a problem.

Me: ok, what?

John: the tree is too tall.

Me: What?!

John: I can’t put the top portion of the tree on. Our ceiling is too low.

Me: (Laughing) Oh my, I never thought of that when I chose this room for the tree! (Still Laughing!!) The only room we have that has a taller ceiling is the dining room. We have to move the buffet and the table, plus all the boxes in the corner…ugh..ok let’s do this

Hubby now gets involved. They don’t let me move anything. Both of them handle all of it. Tree gets moved into the dining room, living room gets vacuumed. The tree is finished, assembly. Now to decorate. I get inspired now, so I begin adding the lights. Plug each strand in and find that all of the stands only half of each strand actually works…what?! LOL I had no time to go buy lights. So I fiddled with the strands and was able to get them to light up completely. Great! I get the strands on the tree, Turn the lights on and guess what?! Only half of each strand work! What the heck?! LOL I gave up at that point. As I stated earlier, the kids finished the tree when they came over on Christmas Eve. LOL

As of today, January 10…the tree is still decorated in the corner of my dining room. Maybe I need to take it down, LOL I usually take the tree down before New Years day. I think maybe I can this weekend? We will see, LOL

Near the bottom of the tree, half the lights went out, LOL

Another interesting “life” event happened when I was standing at my bathroom sink putting on my makeup. My husband and I were about to go somewhere, don’t recall where, but our plans changed immediately. As I was standing there all of sudden there was this very loud scraping noise down our closet wall and a loud thud and everything hit the floor in the closet!! What in the world?! Yep! My husband’s side of the closet had collapsed! Needless to say we had our first “home project” in the new house. For the next 3 days, my husband built us our new closet organizer. Poor guy! That was not his plan. Oh and he had to install our new garage door opener in the freezing cold garage.

Needless to say, Life always happens and takes us in a direction that was not our plan. You learn to go with the flow and keep on trucking! I’m almost completely back to normal with the neck and shoulder pain.

Happy Quilting everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas, New Years too!

Nancy McNally

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been a little Quiet

  1. Nancy, glad to hear your pain issue has been resolved. Pray it doesn’t return. I am amazed that you were able to fit all your quilting supplies in a smaller house. Must be a great organizing skills. Working on another quilting top for my long arm. Having a great start to the new year. Hope to see you at a function sometime soon. Happy new year

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