Settling back into quilting life

I’m starting to settle back into the life of quilting after being away on vacation and having family visit. Visiting family left Tuesday evening. I took 2 days to clean up and binge watch a few tv series.

I traveled to South Carolina and hung out with my bestest ever quilting buddy Dale! I miss her so much! Do you have a quilting buddy that when you get together you just have the time of your life? Dale and I giggle a lot when we are together!

I always wake up before her. So I get my morning cup of coffee and head directly down to her sewing room. Which I love! She has a spot just for me in her sewing room. I begin working on a project while she is still snoozing, lol. She finally wakes up and I join her upstairs in the kitchen. We chat for a while, giggle, have breakfast and down to the sewing room we go. We call those days “Jammie days” .

I was down in the Carolinas so that Dale and I could go on the Carolina Shop Hop that takes place in the western part of both North & South Carolina. We did not get to all the shops. I was pretty exhausted from the drive down, 13 hours. Yes, I drove it in 1 day. My body ached afterwards…for several days.

Dale and I found some “pretties” (quilt fabric) at Elaine’s Attic quilt shop. Elaine’s Attic is located in Landrum, SC. That was the first shop on our Shop Hop. We were there on Saturday and again on Monday. I had found an adorable polka dotted fabric that I need more of. I designed a fun quilt that is easy peasy to put together. It is on my design wall as I type.

While I was at Dale’s, I pieced all the necessary blocks. I have half the quilt pulled together. I am adding one more component to this quilt. I am using “Character Stitches” sometimes called embroidery stitches, from my Baby Lock Destiny sewing machine and a very pretty variegated thread to add some “bling” a little unexpected element to decorate the quilt. These designs are not meant to replace the quilting, that is a whole different element of design.

Polka Dot Cuteness
Another project I worked on while at Dale’s

The Maple Leaf table runner was fast and easy to make. I want to make more! Matter of fact, I can make more. I have more of the newspaper print and Kaffe Fasset fabrics….just saying, lol

Time for me to get busy. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Nancy McNally

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