Testing Time

Sometimes I shiver at those words “testing time” makes me think about my younger days preparing to pass a big test at school…I was not a good test taker, never have been. The type of test I took this morning is a test I can pass! LOL

So here is what I was testing:

Temporary marking on fabric

As a longarm quilter I am always looking for ways to mark on the quilt to connect one point to another point in either a straight line or curve line. Some way to divide and conquer sounds easy and simple. Not necessarily so easy. As I have learned not all fabric marking tools (temporary not permanent) are created equal…meaning they all don’t come out of the fabric…some temporary marking tools leave behind a waxy mark, some a shadow and some just don’t come out at all 

Reason why? I have no clue! I want to get to the bottom of this. I may not come to a conclusion that a certain brand of temporary marking tool will be removed from any and all fabrics, but maybe just maybe I can find several to offer to help us all.

On my Facebook group: Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally I opened up the discussion about this very topic, one member suggested we try Crayola Ultra- clean Washable Markers, so I purchased a box of the markers.

Next I grabbed some scrap fabrics to test how the markers would react.

My fabric scraps are unwashed (not prewashed), this may or may not be a factor in why some of the marks from the markers did not remove. I’m wondering if the chemicals that are on our “new” fabrics might have a role in the markings not removing.

So, below are the fabric samples:

The first picture you can see the letter N written in purple ink. The next picture is where I wet the fabric. Also in the first picture I wrote on the green fabric, it is just not showing very well. In the 3rd picture (far right) you can see where I sprayed water on the green fabric and the cream colored fabric I had written 2 marks and sprayed with water….

The marker was released from the green fabric completely. The cream fabric, no, the ink would not release. On the pink fabric (2nd picture) the markings came out mostly… not completely. Now, I only used water to remove.

Things I could change: I could prewash my fabric, the chemicals in the fabric could very well have something to do with the fact that most of the markings did not disappear.

I guess my best advice is to test your temporary marking tool on scrap fabric. Make sure you use the same type of fabric (batiks/traditional quilting cottons) for your test. Take notes and I wish you the best of luck. I will keep plugging along trying to find the perfect tool! Until then….

Happy Quilting everyone,

Nancy McNally

3 thoughts on “Testing Time

  1. Good to know about those markers, I was hoping to buy some but now I may just change my mind. Also, have you tried Sew Clean to remove any marks? Jamie Wallen sells it and it has been a life saver!
    Love your web site!

  2. I tested a pack of washable markers on a light color unwashed LQS fabric. Ran the test piece through a cold water wash–every color was removed! I didn’t think to try on a dark or batik piece! ? Thank you ??

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