Supporting your Local Quilt Shop
On my Facebook page, I posted a blog from CT Publishing about supporting your local quilt shop. I truly believe in this! I do realize that some don’t live close to a quilt shop and that there are also quilt shops closing right and left! And yes, I also shop online like you probably do. So, let me explain why I do both:
First, I always go to my local shop first! Always! I am fortunate enough to live in an area where we have numerous shops to support  For those of you that do not live near a shop, I totally understand why you shop online, makes perfect sense.
When you shop at your local shop you form relationships with the staff, you support jobs (the staff), you receive personal attention, classes to help you learn new techniques, classes to help you keep your machine (s) up and running, you get to TOUCH THE FABRIC

New pattern coming soon, don’t you just love to touch fabric!

Design inspiration, friendships with other quilters, new gadgets to help make quilting passion easier…and did I say you get to touch the fabric??? LOL
I do realize that sometimes you have to support the online businesses. And I am not saying to not support them. They need to make a living too. Just don’t forget about your local shop owner who shares the same passion as you do, and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in the shop.
Do I own a shop? Nope. Would I like to own one? Yes! At this time in my life, it is not going to happen…will it happen? I don’t know. I presently work at a shop and see just how much the shop owners, Mary and Sara, put their entire lives into making their shop a success. I’ve never seen behind the scenes of what it is to own and operate a shop. It takes so much of your life and time. In the coming blogs I plan on interviewing several shop owners and getting the “lo down” on owning a shop. Stay tuned!
And you know what? How about if I ask my audience: do you have any questions for the shop owners? Put them in the Comment box below.
Thank you everyone!
Happy Quilting!
Ps ….the little quilt block you see in the picture, that pattern will be coming soon. Stay tuned. I have a unique way of construction. You might just like my shortcut!

Folding Fabric the Origami way!

Origami Hexagon Tutorial YouTube play

One night at guild meeting, we had what is called Four Corners. Four Corners works like this: the board members of the guild ask 4 of its members to demonstrate a skill they love to fellow members. The night of the meeting, the room is divided up into 4 presentation sections. The presenters all go to their assigned corner of the room to set up for the demo. Next, the room full of quilters, then are chosen which corner of the room to begin. The demonstrators are given 15 minutes to demonstrate their skill. Once the time is up, that group of quilters that are viewing, go to the next section or corner to watch the next demo. Everyone gets a chance to view the demonstrations. It is so much fun! This particular night, I saw a member demonstrate Origami Hexagons with fabric. She had a different tool to use to create her Hexagons. I ordered the tool, then realized I had an Accuquilt die to do the same thing for me. So here is my demo! Enjoy!!

Mystery Quilt-a-Long 2017

Have you ever wanted to play along, I mean “Quilt-a-Long”, with your quilting buddies, your bestest ever Quilting sisters? Well I am hosting a Mystery Quilt-a-Long! Call, text, message, email your

friends to let them know! Pick a date on the calendar, bring your favorite quilting snacks, your favorite quilting juice, the laughter, friendship and have a blast! It’s always a great time when you can get together with your friends and create. So Schedule a quilting day and join in on the fun! This will be my first Mystery Quilt-a-Long!

Here are the details about the Mystery quilt-a-long:
I will post the steps here on my blog and on my Facebook group: Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally

(On my Facebook group, we are going to have discussions (I will answer questions on my FB group), share pictures and have lots of fun seeing everyone’s color combinations! Hey, you just might get inspired to create another quilt using a color scheme inspired from the group. So come on and join in. The group is a private group, so you are protected)

-Clues will be released weekly
-The entire pattern will be revealed by the end of August
-The pattern will only be available for 3 months
First Release Date: July 31, 2017 (It’s a Monday) There’s plenty of time for you to jump in! No WHINING ALLOWED!
You CANNOT, REPEAT CANNOT, SHARE THIS PATTERN. Yes, it is free for a short time


Mystery Blocks:

There are 3 different blocks in the quilt to create the design. Weeks 1 – 3I will reveal the next block.

On Week 4 I will show you how to lay the blocks out into the quilt.

Week 4 I will demonstrate a few techniques in piecing all the blocks into the body of the quilt and attaching the borders.

Throughout the Mystery, I will also offer as many tips as possible.
And yes, somedays you might have to pull out the seam ripper and repair a mistake.

OR! You can use your seam ripper as shown in the picture below with your chain piecing your units in the quilt. Here is what I do:

I chain piece however many units needed, then with my seam ripper secured in a spool of thread, I place 1 unit in my left hand, 1 unit in my right hand with the little thread that connects (the chain) the two units together placing the chain section of connecting thread right on to the seam ripper! Cut that thread and move on to the next…repeat till finished!

No you don’t need any buttons for this project, I just thought my jar of buttons was a cute little prop for the pictureand its hiding one of the blocks for the Mystery!

Sew Anyways, Join us for our first Mystery Quilt-a-long! It’s going to be “Sew Much Fun”! Till then! Happy Quilting

Nancy McNally

Testing Time

Sometimes I shiver at those words “testing time” makes me think about my younger days preparing to pass a big test at school…I was not a good test taker, never have been. The type of test I took this morning is a test I can pass! LOL

So here is what I was testing:

Temporary marking on fabric

As a longarm quilter I am always looking for ways to mark on the quilt to connect one point to another point in either a straight line or curve line. Some way to divide and conquer sounds easy and simple. Not necessarily so easy. As I have learned not all fabric marking tools (temporary not permanent) are created equal…meaning they all don’t come out of the fabric…some temporary marking tools leave behind a waxy mark, some a shadow and some just don’t come out at all 

Reason why? I have no clue! I want to get to the bottom of this. I may not come to a conclusion that a certain brand of temporary marking tool will be removed from any and all fabrics, but maybe just maybe I can find several to offer to help us all.

On my Facebook group: Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally I opened up the discussion about this very topic, one member suggested we try Crayola Ultra- clean Washable Markers, so I purchased a box of the markers.

Next I grabbed some scrap fabrics to test how the markers would react.

My fabric scraps are unwashed (not prewashed), this may or may not be a factor in why some of the marks from the markers did not remove. I’m wondering if the chemicals that are on our “new” fabrics might have a role in the markings not removing.

So, below are the fabric samples:

The first picture you can see the letter N written in purple ink. The next picture is where I wet the fabric. Also in the first picture I wrote on the green fabric, it is just not showing very well. In the 3rd picture (far right) you can see where I sprayed water on the green fabric and the cream colored fabric I had written 2 marks and sprayed with water….

The marker was released from the green fabric completely. The cream fabric, no, the ink would not release. On the pink fabric (2nd picture) the markings came out mostly… not completely. Now, I only used water to remove.

Things I could change: I could prewash my fabric, the chemicals in the fabric could very well have something to do with the fact that most of the markings did not disappear.

I guess my best advice is to test your temporary marking tool on scrap fabric. Make sure you use the same type of fabric (batiks/traditional quilting cottons) for your test. Take notes and I wish you the best of luck. I will keep plugging along trying to find the perfect tool! Until then….

Happy Quilting everyone,

Nancy McNally

Thrilled To Pieces


This morning as I was going through yesterday’s mail, I saw the ad from JoAnn Fabric store. On the front of the ad there was a Lone Star quilt and in the caption below it read:

Thrilled to Pieces!

I thought to myself, you know I am thrilled to pieces! Let me explain. Yesterday I had discovered that 4 people who are friends with me on Facebook, had added me to groups. I was not happy with that and I let it be known. I really don’t like it when people do that, you should always ask the person you would like add to the group first. Just simply send them a private message. I know some don’t understand why, some don’t know how it happened. That’s ok, I corrected the mistake by leaving the groups. Next I decided that maybe I should let others know that I have my own private Facebook group:

Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally

I also explained that if you wanted to be a member of my “No Bashing” group then just let me know…oh boy! Did people ever let me know! I love it! I added over a 100 people yesterday. My group is all about supporting and encouraging each other. That’s all. Show us what you are up to.

Catching Up With Myself

Hi everyone, I have been burning the candle at both ends!! My body is telling me to slow down, but you know it is so difficult to do that sometimes. I love what I do, quilting!
But this weekend, my body told me NO! I want to do nothing! I don’t know how many naps I took! LOL
I was on the couch a lot, this is NOT normal for me. I think my poor body is just getting tired. It needed some down time and down time I gave it.
For the most part, I was on the couch watching tv and I even went to bed extra early both Saturday and Sunday night.
I feel refreshed this morning, very refreshed.
Today I have to travel over to Decorative Stitch ( ) in Shelby Township. I will be working in the booth at the Novi, Michigan’s Sewing Expo in late September. We are training to make sure all of us on the sales floor knows how to operate certain functions of the machines we will be demonstrating on.
Speaking of quilt shops, did you know how many quilt shops Michigan is blessed with?! We have lots here, especially in the Metro Detroit area where I live. All of the shop owners are so nice!
Sew, on that note, Please support your local quilt shop! There are lots that are closing their doors! The owners are sometimes having a difficult time trying to figure out what the consumer needs/wants. Sew, help your owners of the shops by taking classes, buying fabric and notions from your local shop.
Fun pretty fabrics I purchased while on a shop hop in western North Carolina. I had never participated in a shop hop, I think I will do this again, I had such a great time, plus I had a great quilting buddy with me!