Enjoying life…

Developing my Business plan/goal

What do I want to do and how I want to accomplish my plan/goals

I returned home last evening from Indiana. I was there recording 2 online classes for Annie’s Catalog, Annie’s Craft Store. The drive allows for thinking time…and thinking I did along with singing along with some great tunes. Thoughts: continue Enjoying Life…how?

I was thinking about a conversation I had with Susan, the producer of the online classes. She asked me where I teach at. My response was I teach for guilds and for a local quilt shop. I used to teach at national shows, but I find the national shows extremely stressful. So I decided no more. I could if I only taught say 2 classes, but for the most part you tend to teach 3 to 5, any less and it is not worth the money. It is a lot of prep work, the supplies needed to bring for each class, plus bring enough supplies for extra sales…it just got to the point where I could not keep up with it. The first 5 years I was doing all of the above I had no one to help me. I do now, and maybe one day I will try to teach again at a show.

Do I enjoy what I do? YES! I want to keep it that way!

The owner of one of the shops that I taught at in the past placed an amazing opportunity in my lap! I thought about it and I was on board!  Another opportunity was presented to me shortly after by Annie’s. I chose Annie’s. That meant, I had to say no to the shop owner’s opportunity…that killed me! I still want to be there! My decision was based on: I need to enjoy what I am doing. I do not rely on the income that I make. It is fun money that is all. If I add the shop owner’s position to my schedule, I would stop doing what I love the most. All my time would be spent working for others.

In a nutshell, I love teaching. I also love designing quilts. And that my friend is what I plan on focusing on.

Yes, I will still make guild appearances! I love presenting my trunk show “What was I thinking?!”

So what is my next step? Sitting down with my helper, Cheri, and laying out a plan for the next year or two…and putting other things beside quilting on my calendar.

Happy Quilting everyone!

Nancy McNally

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