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About a month ago I blogged about “A Change in the Air”

actually, it was over a month ago, that’s ok 🙂 you can read about in the link above. There is still more change coming, little steps. My first step was to separate my longarm from my piecing sewing machines. I have a new sewing room. It is much smaller, than the room I was in, but I had to separate. I had to separate the two areas of sewing because I am easily distracted! I was unable to bring my wall (shelves) of fabric into my new sewing room. And you know what? That is a good thing! Because now I focus on what I am currently working on.

As I was moving my sewing machines, tables for my machines, cutting table, rulers, threads, iron board I realized I can’t move any of my fabric into this room…uh oh!! The walls looked bare and the room suddenly became cold and uninviting. This actually saddened me. My son John was helping move things into my new room and he saw what was happening to his mom. All of a sudden mom got really sad. I kid you not! I was sad. I almost cried. You may think that is silly, but as a creative person, I can’t handle having the feeling of closed in or isolation. It takes over, the closed in feeling, and creativity is gone. For 10 years I sewed in the same room. I had a beautiful view out of my window and from my sliding glass door. I wanted to put everything back where it was RIGHT THEN!  So why did I do it?! I’m still wondering if this was the best decision.

I can’t tell the entire reason yet, I’m just hoping that this decision was the right one. I need to focus. Somehow! Focusing is difficult for me. I get bored very easily and distracted easily….and menopause does NOT help! LOL As I sit her typing at 7:25am a hot flash takes over! When are these hot flashes going to end!


Finish the task on hand…write the blog…but look at what I am working on today 🙂

There is a plan behind all of this. Again, little steps at a time. If this room does not work out for me, then plan B will be put into motion…what is plan B? I Don’t know! LOL I will figure it out with my husband, family, Cheri My and my great friends!

Today’s agenda:

1-Finish piecing the blocks from yesterday

2-Purge through books and magazines! Get rid of what you no longer use

3-Longarm!! I have some ideas and I have got to stitch them out!

Here are some pictures of how things look now…a little progress, still needs more work. I have to sew while I organize and set up both rooms. Eventually it will all be done.

Clearing the room
setting up sewing table
My new view, that was the window I had a beautiful view from, now it is down the hallway 🙁
Its coming together
Cutting table and wall of rulers
Present day…its a creative mess!

Time to get back to work!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

It is Friday!

Happy Quilting!

Nancy McNally

10 thoughts on “New Sewing Studio

  1. Awesome space! Now you will concentrate on your work and not day dreaming lol. That’s how I stay focused! I place my sewing machine so I can’t see out the window easily.

  2. Looks like everything is at your fingertips. One suggestion, remove the blinds from your window, so you have un-interuppted view outside. Might cheer you up, girlfriend. – Barb

  3. I also had to separate my long arm and sewing machine but I ha e Fatima both rooms as not enough room in one I like my colour and mess

  4. You still have a larger sewing space than my one wall and half of another. I noticed a mannequin in your picture, something I’d never seen before. Best of luck at your new decision. You’re still my favorite teacher!

  5. I also moved my fabric shelves into another room. It is not as drastic a move as yours. but it will work out, one way or another. P.S. All artists are emotional and need their spaces to be conducive to their work, so make sure you can function creatively in both before you make the move a permanent one. Kudos to you!

  6. Very interesting observation concerning yourself. I like your new room but agree a window is needed. Looking outside at nature is soothing and motivating.

  7. My sewing room is upstairs and my quilting machine is in the basement. Figured it would help me get in some exercise every day.

  8. You can still see the ‘light at the end of the hallway’……
    Hang in there….put BRIGHT lights in your room…hang a mirror or 2…put pretty pictures up, or frame a special quilt block and hang it up…..
    Remember, there’s a room for you at my place again whenever you’re in this neck of the woods!!!
    Happy sewing!!

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