Maintenance Monday!

You have seen this reminder before, it is time to take care of our babies (sewing machines)

When was the last time you took your sewing machine in for a “Spa Treatment” day? Maybe it is not time to bring your machine in for a spa day, maybe you need to show a little love and do some basic maintenance yourself. Check with your local machine dealer to see if they offer a machine maintenance class.

Here are a few things that you can do to keep your machine running smooth:

Keep bobbin area clean by cleaning underneath the bobbin holder. Use your manual to learn how to remove and replace.

Some great handy helpers are pipe cleaners and makeup brushes to grab little threads and clean out lint that gets stuck to the machine parts.

Dust your machine. Those cotton threads release lint all over our machine bed…along with the fabrics we are sewing with. I remember one time I was working with flannel. Honestly, I never sneezed so much! Makes me wonder if I am allergic to that particular brand of flannel…hmmm… There was an abundance of lint floating around. I had to dust my entire machine after the project was completed. There were little fibers every where!!

Change your needle! Do not use the same needle till it breaks, please don’t. If you can “hear” the needle piercing the fabric, your needle is dull. If your thread is shredding, your needle has a bur…change your needle. Also, make sure you have the correct type of needle needed for the project.

Other areas to think about for Maintenance Monday:

Rotary cutter: when was the last time you changed the blade?

Accuquilt dies: did you use some of your dies this past week? If so, take a look to see if any threads are in the “blade” slots. Clean those off so that when you use that die again, you will get nice fresh cuts.

Scissors: Is your favorite pair of scissors not cutting as nice as before? It maybe time to have them sharpened. If you don’t know where to get them sharpened, call your local quilt store and see if they can recommend someone.

Did, by chance, you finish a quilt project this weekend? I kinda-sorta did, lol. I am trying to get into the habit of cleaning up my sewing room after I finish a project. It is kind of hard to do that sometimes because I have so many going on at one time! No JOKE! The maintenance part of this would be to vacuum the floor, empty the trash cans or empty your thread catcher.

Yesterday morning, Sunday, I was starting to put things away so I could focus in a room that was not so chaotic. I had so much fabric out on my cutting table, sewing table, iron board…any flat surface I had fabric laying on top of it! I could not find my rulers, my rotary cutter blade, notes! UGH!

Today, Monday, I am going to finish cleaning up my sewing room so that I can function. I had to stop cleaning yesterday because we had the kids over. We had chicken burritos in honor of Cinco de Mayo 🙂 The girls, Kayla & Emily, brought over queso, guacamole, Tres Leche, chips & salsa. Kayla made the queso and guacamole here, so it was fresh!! Emily made the cake earlier that morning. I cooked the chicken and prepared the rest of the meal. Dinner was at 2! It was sooo good!

Sorry, got off topic just a little bit.

Clean your machines, tools and don’t forget about the floor. Get those threads, little pieces of fabric off the floor and into the trash, scrap bin or start a bag of scraps for doggie beds.

Happy Maintenance Monday!

Nancy McNally

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