Thrilled To Pieces


This morning as I was going through yesterday’s mail, I saw the ad from JoAnn Fabric store. On the front of the ad there was a Lone Star quilt and in the caption below it read:

Thrilled to Pieces!

I thought to myself, you know I am thrilled to pieces! Let me explain. Yesterday I had discovered that 4 people who are friends with me on Facebook, had added me to groups. I was not happy with that and I let it be known. I really don’t like it when people do that, you should always ask the person you would like add to the group first. Just simply send them a private message. I know some don’t understand why, some don’t know how it happened. That’s ok, I corrected the mistake by leaving the groups. Next I decided that maybe I should let others know that I have my own private Facebook group:

Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally

I also explained that if you wanted to be a member of my “No Bashing” group then just let me know…oh boy! Did people ever let me know! I love it! I added over a 100 people yesterday. My group is all about supporting and encouraging each other. That’s all. Show us what you are up to.

Catching Up With Myself

Hi everyone, I have been burning the candle at both ends!! My body is telling me to slow down, but you know it is so difficult to do that sometimes. I love what I do, quilting!
But this weekend, my body told me NO! I want to do nothing! I don’t know how many naps I took! LOL
I was on the couch a lot, this is NOT normal for me. I think my poor body is just getting tired. It needed some down time and down time I gave it.
For the most part, I was on the couch watching tv and I even went to bed extra early both Saturday and Sunday night.
I feel refreshed this morning, very refreshed.
Today I have to travel over to Decorative Stitch ( ) in Shelby Township. I will be working in the booth at the Novi, Michigan’s Sewing Expo in late September. We are training to make sure all of us on the sales floor knows how to operate certain functions of the machines we will be demonstrating on.
Speaking of quilt shops, did you know how many quilt shops Michigan is blessed with?! We have lots here, especially in the Metro Detroit area where I live. All of the shop owners are so nice!
Sew, on that note, Please support your local quilt shop! There are lots that are closing their doors! The owners are sometimes having a difficult time trying to figure out what the consumer needs/wants. Sew, help your owners of the shops by taking classes, buying fabric and notions from your local shop.
Fun pretty fabrics I purchased while on a shop hop in western North Carolina. I had never participated in a shop hop, I think I will do this again, I had such a great time, plus I had a great quilting buddy with me!