There is a change in the air….

Yes, there is a change in the air. Things are changing for me in my “world of quilting”. I have some opportunities that are knocking at my door. Which one do I take? Or do I stay on the same path? How will it affect the people around me? Is this the time to make a change? Is this what I want?

 I already have several classes with Annie’s and I love working with them! Do I stay or do I go on my own? 

I have already made my change with another decision….
There is a hint in this picture of one possible change

I look back and think about all that I have accomplished in this world of quilting. When I speak to my Pastor about all that I’ve done and how I stumbled into being a designer, author, online personality, longarm teacher, piecing teacher, teaching at large shows, presenting my trunk show at guilds, teaching workshops for guilds, being on 2 PBS tv shows…how in the world did all this happen…? My Pastor tells me I did it all backwards, lol I had no idea there was a list to check off, I just ran with it! I’ve made changes along the way, trying this and that to see if I liked it. What do I like best? What do I like the least?

I’ve always wanted a sewing machine manufacturer to sponsor me. I don’t have a reason, just wanted that. I thought that was the way I should go. Well, that never happened. Ok, what do I do next? Or do I have to do anything? Can I just keep going and doing what I have been doing? Sure, why not?

Except: everyone tells me to find the 1 thing that you are good at and make that your focus.

Oh my, the word FOCUS. Do you have any idea how difficult that is for me?

This past summer I began working at a local quilt shop. I LOVE IT there! I thought I wanted to own a shop, but guess what? Working at the shop has full filled that dream! I no longer want to own a shop. Too much work! LOL You know what I’ve learned from this experience:  Shop owner(s) don’t get to create!! There is no time for piecing or designing 🙁 That also means that the shop is busy!

So, I’m going to end this blog post today just to say, yes, there is a change in the air. Summer is changing to Autumn and I have some thinking to do….

 Its not officially Autumn yet and look how this tree has already changed colors.

My thought path…can you follow it? Me neither…lol

Happy Quilting!

Nancy McNally

9 thoughts on “There is a change in the air….

  1. You have great wisdom Nancy and I’m sure with Gods helping hand you will take the right path for “you” , and whatever it is right or wrong, life is full of do-overs whenever the heart desires. Have faith in yourself and drive that wagon through the field of your dreams.

  2. God leads your way, You are a Extremely talented WOMAN, your talents and Personality (That infectious, beautiful Spirit radiates from within) have brought so much Joy to Our World. Follow your heart and embrace the new Journey. God’s Speed my Dear Friend. ❤?☝️

  3. What ever path you choose, I hope there is an opportunity for us to follow. I love your work, creativity, enthusiasm, inspiration etc…….

  4. Sometimes in life we take a wrong turn. Luckily tho, the Good Lord is in control and He knows what it will take to get us to where He wants us to be. Having said that, you have to listen, REALLY listen for His “recalculating your route” message. Sometimes we are so busy going where WE think we are supposed to be – we don’t hear Him. Just pay attention to Him and all will be well. Can’t wait to see you at Retreat.

  5. I am so proud that you are looking for YOUR answer and not what someone else thinks your answer should be. It is not “work” if it is what you truly love.

  6. Nancy, God has led you this far. You are a person with a special gift. It is God given. You are a winner what ever you decide. Sometime change is good. Go with your heart. You have a big heart with lots of hearts supporting you. We will be there one way or the other.

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