Stepping out of my comfort zone…

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I have been working hard on a quilt that brought ME out of my comfort zone! Has this ever happened to you? What quilt could have done that?

Not going to reveal that to you just yet, sorry.

This pattern was so easy peasy! Oh my goodness is this quilt easy! Sew, how did it take me out of my comfort zone?

Because it is not a traditionally pieced quilt block. No blocks at all, it is all applique. Sew! Have you ever had one of those moments where you buy a pattern or design it, start picking out the fabrics, you are so excited this is going to be great and then things kind of start to feel not so exciting?

That is what happened to me. I am telling you the truth. Honestly, it was because the quilt was SO EASY! I was over thinking the quilt! So what if it was all applique! I mastered a technique, applique, and I became better at using the blanket stitch. Did I learn anything else with this out of my comfort zone quilt project? Oh yes! How to simply a pattern and how to fussy cut using Martelli Fussy cutting templates!

I overwhelmed myself by overthinking everything. Do not let this happen to you. If this does happen to you, it is time to step back and walk away for a few minutes. Don’t put the project away. Grab something to drink, get a snack, step outside get some fresh air, and come back in a few minutes with fresh eyes. This is what I did and it was an “ah ha” moment for me.

So, how did I solve my issue and get back into the Sew Zone? I started choosing fabrics that I love and I used pretty bright colorful threads for the applique stitches! OH! I also chose “decorative stitches” to embellish the books and trinkets on the shelves. All of a sudden the Bookcase quilt came alive for me!! Next thing I knew I was searching in my Baby Lock Destiny library of character stitches to see what other stitches I could use to decorate the books!

I fell in love with this quilt so fast because I made it my own! You can ask my friends that saw the project as I began working on it. Several of my friends told me before I started making mine that they can’t wait till I’m done, they wanted to make it also. When they saw my finished quilt they fell in love with the pattern even more!

To find out more about Stepping out of my Comfort Zone quilt project, more blog posts coming soon. There will be 1 blog post a week for 9 weeks.

Till then, Happy Quilting

Nancy McNally