Winter Retreat!

Oh my Goodness! I went on retreat! a Quilt Retreat! I have never been on a retreat where I was not teaching, I loved it!

Not only was the facility beautiful and fantastic, it was held during the winter when we have the blahs. So yes, I enjoyed Winter Retreat at Creative Passions Retreat Center in Chesaning, Michigan.

I was able to finish 1 quilt top and begin a second one. I’m naming them both after the retreat.

I only knew a few of the ladies that attended retreat with me. Now I have a lot of new friends! Everyone was fantastic.

I have attended retreats before, as a teacher. I can say the sleeping conditions were no where near as nice as Creative Passions Retreat Center. The food was fantastic, the accommodations were beautiful and perfect. I honestly can’t say enough about my experience. Because of my experience and talking with the owner Laura (who is beautiful and wonderful) I have planned my own 2 retreats. Yes, you read that right. The retreats are scheduled for 2019, winter and fall. Details will follow as we work out all the details. Yes, I will be teaching.

So for now, enjoy the pictures! I did not want to leave. Yes, Of course I missed my family. When a retreat center offers all that CPRC did, you want to stay a little longer than a weekend.


Nancy McNally

On the Road again…to Saginaw, Michigan

HI everyone! Last night I presented my trunk show to the Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Saginaw, Michigan. I had a blast! The guild members were wonderful! Guess who forgot to take pictures??? That would be me, the one and only!

I have all my trunk show quilts packed and ready to go!

Count them! There are 6 suitcases ready to go!

I spent the last two days pretty much preparing for this guild presentation. A lot of work goes into the prep. One thing I brought with me that I have never done before is bring fabric with me to sell. Now, I have a store front (website store) but I don’t sell fabric. I was helping a girl friend out. She, Deb, had hand surgery this past Tuesday morning and will be out of sorts for a little while. I told her I would bring some fabric to sell at my trunk show.

 This is me…I was so hot my hair had wilted! LOL Quilt is Playground of Triangles. If you want to see this quilt is in my store:


And this is Cheri! My awesome assistant, helper! She was refolding all the quilts after each was displayed. You can find out about Cheri Terry here on her Facebook page:

I left the guild meeting packed and ready to hit the road home I believe around 9:30pm. It is a 75 mile drive. About mid way home, there was an accident on I-75South. The police and firemen made us all get off the interstate and well, they did not tell us which way to go! Navigation was telling me to get back on the interstate, lol…after a few wrong turns I got on the right road and made it home by around 11pm. It is always an adventure!

Before I traveled to Saginaw, I stopped off in Chesaning, Michigan. I wonder what I was doing there?

Oh!! Do you remember me talking about planning a retreat? Maybe not? Well if you are a member of my Facebook group: Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally you will probably remember that discussion. Sew Anyways, I stopped by the Creative Passions Crop & Quilt Retreat!! Oh my peas!! It is beautiful!!

Love Love Love

I could not believe how beautiful it is inside and spacious!! And Laura showed us around. I can’t wait to plan my first retreat there!

I’m going to get the ball rolling on this soon! I spoke with Laura yesterday and I’m thinking a longarm retreat and a retreat for us piecers! Woo-Hoo! If you want to participate in either retreat, keep watching for me to make announcements.

Happy Quilting everyone!

Nancy McNally