StayCation continued

Staycation continued to my backyard!

Yes, my backyard!

I realize most don’t have a stocked pond in their backyard, but I do and I love it!  While my sister was here we went fishing! She was so excited to go fishing. So was I! She fishes often with her husband. I on the other hand had not fished since I was a kid.

When Renee saw the pond for the first time and saw that the pond was stocked she wanted to fish. Off to Basspro shop we went! Bought fishing poles, worms, hooks and the rest of the supplies to fill my tackle box.

Did we catch anything? OH HECK YES!!

Catch and Release

So what is in the stocked pond…other than a pair of muskrats that are creating havoc with the water level???? Muskrats can cause the water level to drop from the tunnels they dig from the edge of the pond. And! The tunnels can cause the ground to cave in…just imagine walking along the edge of the pond and all of a sudden the ground gives way…

In my pond we have Crappie, large and small mouth bass, and blue gill…plus snapping turtles, painted turtles…very cool birds come to my pond too.  And I can’t forget the frogs! Lots of bull frogs.I absolutely love living here. It is my staycation all the time. I walk out to the pond everyday. I stand on the dock and just look at the water. Its calming for me.  Some days I eat my lunch on the dock. I find it relaxing.

This guy visits the pond at least 3 mornings a week

We have amazing bonfires 🙂

My catch, large mouth bass
View from sewing deck
The fountain
and one of the many bullfrogs

Who wants to come over and visit? We can have a day of relaxation.

Happy Staycation!!

Nancy McNally

Remember “Staycation”

For the past several years, at least 5 years now, my sister and I try to take a mini vacation in Michigan. My sister lives in South Carolina and I live in Michigan. Each year we try to have an adventure, a vacation for her and a Staycation for me. Most of our adventures are right here in Michigan. This year we chose to do our staycation in the Metro Detroit area and beyond.

We visited Cranbrook.

Cranbrook has a home tour and a garden tour, both free!

And here is a short video clip of the pictures I took from the gardens.

The weather cooperated with us, a little on the hot side and we both wished we had brought our bottles of water…The house was not available to tour when we arrived so we just walked the gardens. They were so pretty! You know, it is kind of interesting to be a tourist in your own area/county/state.

I think we all should look around and see what is surrounding us.

You would be surprised as to what you find!

Another staycation was our impromptu trip to the thumb!

The thumb of Michigan…you know, the Mitten State.

I decided at the last minute that I wanted to travel to the thumb. I had never been up there, and I have only heard how pretty it is up there. On our impromptu trip we saw a pretty amazing thing that made me smile big!!

Quilt blocks painted on the sides of barns!

I had no idea I was on the trail, the Thumb Barn Quilt Trail!! We did not get to see all of them…you wanna know why? Cuz I did not know it existed. I just kept driving. Renee took pictures when she could. I’m including an image of the map where we could have driven to. Our goal was to get to the thumb, the tip of the thumb. If I had known there was such a trail, that would have been my agenda 😉

You can view the Barn Quilts through the link, wish I had pictures. I think this means I am going to have to take the trip again.

Now for the thumb area! This was so much fun! Renee and I made it all the way to the tip of the thumb. There was a type of boardwalk. It was really a “breaker” for the boats coming into dock. This was so much fun! We walked the boardwalk, now it is made of cement. The waves crash along the boardwalk. As the waves crash along the arcs of the boardwalk, they continue crashing moving down the boardwalk. I loved this! Check out my video!

Here is how far we walked on the boardwalk

Beautiful day on the beach Lake Huron…actually, we just walked on the beach…it was too windy and a little chill in the air.

Can’t wait for our next adventure! Michigan has a lot to offer for day trips and weekend trips.

Happy Adventuring everyone! Enjoy your state!

Nancy McNally