Mystery Quilt-a-Long 2017

Have you ever wanted to play along, I mean “Quilt-a-Long”, with your quilting buddies, your bestest ever Quilting sisters? Well I am hosting a Mystery Quilt-a-Long! Call, text, message, email your

friends to let them know! Pick a date on the calendar, bring your favorite quilting snacks, your favorite quilting juice, the laughter, friendship and have a blast! It’s always a great time when you can get together with your friends and create. So Schedule a quilting day and join in on the fun! This will be my first Mystery Quilt-a-Long!

Here are the details about the Mystery quilt-a-long:
I will post the steps here on my blog and on my Facebook group: Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally

(On my Facebook group, we are going to have discussions (I will answer questions on my FB group), share pictures and have lots of fun seeing everyone’s color combinations! Hey, you just might get inspired to create another quilt using a color scheme inspired from the group. So come on and join in. The group is a private group, so you are protected)

-Clues will be released weekly
-The entire pattern will be revealed by the end of August
-The pattern will only be available for 3 months
First Release Date: July 31, 2017 (It’s a Monday) There’s plenty of time for you to jump in! No WHINING ALLOWED!
You CANNOT, REPEAT CANNOT, SHARE THIS PATTERN. Yes, it is free for a short time


Mystery Blocks:

There are 3 different blocks in the quilt to create the design. Weeks 1 – 3I will reveal the next block.

On Week 4 I will show you how to lay the blocks out into the quilt.

Week 4 I will demonstrate a few techniques in piecing all the blocks into the body of the quilt and attaching the borders.

Throughout the Mystery, I will also offer as many tips as possible.
And yes, somedays you might have to pull out the seam ripper and repair a mistake.

OR! You can use your seam ripper as shown in the picture below with your chain piecing your units in the quilt. Here is what I do:

I chain piece however many units needed, then with my seam ripper secured in a spool of thread, I place 1 unit in my left hand, 1 unit in my right hand with the little thread that connects (the chain) the two units together placing the chain section of connecting thread right on to the seam ripper! Cut that thread and move on to the next…repeat till finished!

No you don’t need any buttons for this project, I just thought my jar of buttons was a cute little prop for the pictureand its hiding one of the blocks for the Mystery!

Sew Anyways, Join us for our first Mystery Quilt-a-long! It’s going to be “Sew Much Fun”! Till then! Happy Quilting

Nancy McNally

10 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt-a-Long 2017

  1. Great job on the web site! Very user friendly and people friendly. I would like to share it on my page if is ok. Let’s get the word out there’s a new girl in FB Town!

    1. Please share with your friends, Sandy! Thank you!! Great having you in my group and on my site
      Nancy McNally

  2. Beautiful website. I would like the pattern for the mystery quilt-a-long. Please let me know if I need to buy this pattern.
    I love your lessons on Facebook. I am hooked and will be taking your Quilty class.
    Thanks so very much,

  3. I also would like the pattern to the mystery quilt a long!! Is it still available? I am now just finding you!! Can;t believe I haven’t come across you before! You can tell that I don’t watch much TV, as I have heard that have a quilting show!!

  4. Did you see my message? I believe I’ve found the mystery quilt but I’m not sure. But if you could send me the link to it, that’d be great!

    1. Yes Lea Anna, I saw your message. I did not reply because you are now a member of my facebook group Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally. The Mystery is in the file section of the group, Cross Rails. I’m taking it down soon, really soon. The cost will be $10 if you have not printed the pattern off before I take the free version down.
      Happy Quilting, Nancy McNally

  5. I just found your website!! how do I join on facebook? I was looking for the mstery clues on the website and cannot find them

    1. Hi Judy, the mystery quilt is now available on my site, under the Store tab. The name of the quilt is Cross Rails . My Facebook group: Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally
      Happy quilting

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