A Change in the air…again?

Life is full of changes, you get used to the steady flow of things then an opportunity comes along, or an event that can send life into a whirlwind. I have had an amazing opportunity land in my lap. It is actually something I have wanted for a long time. Now I feel like I might have to say No to it. Why? Well you have to decide if the timing is right.

For the last 4 years I have been on the road. A traveling teacher, vending at the shows, teaching at shows, guilds, filming for 2 companies…. It is a lot of work! Work I think most don’t understand or want. You show up with a smiling face to greet the public. When you make a mistake, no matter how kind and forgiving you are to others, it does NOT matter. You are now dirt…along with other names they call you.

I’ve recently made some mistakes in my pattern writing. It is my fault. I have so much going on, it is getting difficult. I’m suppose to enjoy this journey. Women can get down right mean and nasty when someone makes a mistake. They vent to their friends, blast you on social media. Or accidentally send you a message that was meant for someone else that said not so nice things about you…. that hurts…What is that saying, “ye who is sinless can cast the first stone”….They are ready to tear you down, even when you apologize. Quilters: for crying out loud, it is only fabric! It is not nerve endings, relax!! and learn to be nice and respectful!!

Back to traveling:

What was my goal with all of the traveling? Well, I had stayed home and raised all of my children, and home educated them too. So not only was I their mom but I was also their teacher. I wore two hats…and well as we all know, most moms wear multiple hats! That role ended a few years ago, of course I’m still their mom, those babies grew up! All 5 of them! How dare they!

I decided a few years ago that I wanted to do something else other than stay home, the kids were grown. I was a retired home school mom.  It was time for me to do something. I wanted to be around people and see something else other than the 4 walls of my home. The quilt teaching opportunities started coming in. Teaching at local shops, presenting my trunk show, teaching at guilds and then the traveling started. I taught often down in South Carolina. I was also invited to teach at a national quilt show. I was in Heaven! Then came the videos. I was approached by Annie’s Publishing Company, they interviewed me and I got the job. I have NEVER filmed anything before in my life!! Oh did I learn a lot!

Come to present day. I had a lot of time “off” from the teaching circuit this year by choice. I had so much going on here at home I needed to back off. Plus! I got sick last year and did not recover quickly at all…bronchitis. Having bronchitis was my wake up call! I don’t like being sick and I was on the couch for 2 weeks doing nothing. So I chose that 2017 was going to be my year to stay home more.

Well I was home more, kind of…it turned out I still had lots to do. I was invited to teach at several events. I accepted all was good. Then an opportunity came out of the blue, this new opportunity is still a secret. The only thing I can tell you, I’m swamped with work, so swamped I’m not sleeping. Oh, did I mention I work 2 days at a quilt shop?

Let’s talk about filming.

There are some people that don’t have a clue the work load involved.

Quilting videos: Design, piece the work 3x, write the script, go through the script numerous times checking for errors, the flow, make sure you have all your step outs completed. Check lighting, check the filming area, look for anything that should not be there…move it. Work under HOT lights while having a hot flash. Basically, you don’t decide one day you are going to video tape and just do it. You have a lot of prep work!

Recently I designed a quilt that took two weeks just to design the quilt.

Each unit/block needs to be made 3 times.

You have to have a finished product.

Next you have to have each block individually pieced, pressed and ready for camera.

After that, you need cut all the fabric for step outs. Step outs are the pieces that need to sewn together for each block. Some step outs are different portions of the block in a different stage.

Think about how long it can take you to choose the colors (fabric) for your new quilt pattern you just purchased…just how long does it take you to decide on all the fabric? Now take that one more step, how long would it take you if you were choosing the fabrics for this quilt to be published in a magazine? Or say video taped to go on to a publisher’s website…that you get paid for? So this has to be good and it has to be done right. We are talking weeks and into months of work on my part!

Remember this: It is not about the Destination, it is about the Journey

I have enjoyed this journey so far. What is my Destination? I still don’t know. I do know I don’t want to stay home every day and see the same 4 walls, I need to be with people. But I can tell you I would like to stay home long enough to clean my house!

Today while teaching I had two very special moments. These two students made me realize that what I am doing at the shop, Teaching them how to piece a quilt (their first quilt) is where I am supposed to be. One student, when she saw her quilt blocks on the design wall, was adorable!! She put her hands in her pockets and started swaying back and forth! How adorable! She said she loved it! Another student, she was so excited about her first quilt, up on the design wall, that she turned around and said to me, “oh Nancy I love it!” and hugged me! I got teary eyed 🙂 They both made my day!

I have another opportunity at my feet. I can turn the other one down and keep this one. This one keeps me close to home. I will continue working at the shop, but I will be there a lot! Teaching longarm quilting 🙂 Is this what I want to do or is it what I need to do?

Yes, I am struggling. If I decide to accept this last opportunity that I spoke of, I will shut down my business. I can’t do both. I just can’t. I can’t stay on this path and live a healthy life. All of the stress is getting to me. I want to be happy 🙂  I will keep my Facebook group “Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally”. I won’t have the time to design or piece any quilts for me or the public for that matter.

I have to keep in mind, what is my Destination? And I have to ENJOY the Journey. I’m not enjoying the journey right now, it is not fun. I love quilting, I really do. Something has to give or change. I have to stop stressing over everything, say NO to things, stop stressing….lol…stop grinding my teeth, holding my mouth so tight….


18 thoughts on “A Change in the air…again?

  1. Oh Nancy… wishing you peace in the decision process. May you end up exactly where you are meant to be and may you recognize that place when you get there. Too many options is a difficult thing. Hang in there!

  2. Nancy, YOU matter.
    Do what the Lord leads you to do. He is who you have to please, he is not pleased when you are sick, unhappy or not following His lead. We are all going to be here when this next journey runs it’s course and we will be praying for you along the way.
    Looking forward to what you choose in your future journey.

  3. Good luck with your decision Nancy. I’m so sorry women are so mean- it seems in this world of social media people feel they can say things in writing that they wouldn’t say to your face. You have told me piecing quilts makes you happy, much more than long arm Quilting. You’re talented in both and I know you love to share your expertise. My advise? Do what makes you happy and just be still and pray about it. You know my number and I am always here for you my friend.

  4. As a women, we tend to make sure everyone else is happy and comfortable. We put our families before ourselves. Our health and happiness is as important as our family and friends. You need to do what will make you happy. You need to do what will cut your stress down. You deserve to be happy. Life throws so much at us, but life is short. Live it doing what will makes “YOUR” life the happiest, less stressful and peaceful. Take a deep breathe and feel free from the stresses. You are a wonderful designer. Hold your head up high.

  5. Look in your heart and listen to your gut. They will tell you the truth. Peace and happiness will follow. So will your true friends because they want you to be happy whatever that is!

  6. You’ve got to do what’s best for you. Follow your heart. I just found this group not to look ago, and what you do for all of us is much appreciated. Thank you. ☺

  7. You’ve got to do what’s best for you. Follow your heart. I just found this group not to look ago, and what you do for all of us is much appreciated. Thank you. ☺

  8. I so remember that first little class you taught at MBC way back when our boys were young! You are a great teacher Nancy. You inspire others and put a love of quilting in them that never leaves. Thank you! May God direct you on the decision that you need to make.

  9. Hi Nancy, So sorry for all the stress you are going thru. You are a wonderful quilter/teacher and it sounds like someone hit the one button/nerve that took the wind out of your sails. That, I believe, happens to all quilters at some point who pursue their hobby as a profession, whether travelling the globe or working from their home. Good luck with your decision.

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