Someone once said…

Someone Once Said:

“If you don’t have time to do it the right way now, when will you have time to redo and get it right?”

That brings to mind every day life. I’m horrible about trying to finish something up quickly to just “get it done”. Or wait till the last minute, then I’m under so much stress I can’t focus. I had written this sentence:

“If you don’t have time to do it right way now, when will you have time to redo and get it right?”

in my notes and recently came across it. I tried to think how can I begin simplifying my life in order for me to not have to redo. One of my biggest most taxing tasks is quilting. I am a designer, author, online personality, longarm quilter….who seems to always be behind the 8 ball, always trying to catch up. Something has to give! When you are under pressures to finish this or finish that, mistakes happen…deadlines linger over my head and the stress does get to me. I make mistakes.

How can I prevent this from happening? Learn to say NO, Stop procrastinating, Focus on the task at hand and see it through to the end…my list can go on and on…I’m only human. I will start by figuring out an easy routine. Routine makes all the difference in my little world.

So, how does a quilter simplify, and get a routine? I need to make a plan. I have been trying to plan but my plan kept failing. Why? I have too many tasks, wearing too many hats. I made my first change: I have help! I needed someone to come and help me. Her name is Cheri. She came over yesterday and helped me. I had a great time with her yesterday and we finished a huge task that was looming over me.

Also, that little word, NO. I did not use it yesterday when a new friend called me crying asking for help. Longarm quilting help. Her quilt is due to a catalog. I’m happy to help her. Now here is what is happening. If I’m helping someone, this puts me behind schedule. She offered to piece my newest pattern!! And guess what? That is a good thing, she is a great piecer and she is keeping me company as I work on her quilt. I am on schedule for the most part.

Back to that saying at the top of the page. Doing things the right way, now. As a quilter, and most of you who read my blog you are too, I want to find ways to piece my quilt faster. This leads me into discussing the right way and wrong way of things. I have an issue with piecing certain units, lets say a half square triangles, the correct way. Yes, there are numerous ways to achieve the correct way and there are some famous teachers pushing the “easier” way….I’m not a fan of this at all. Trying to stay on topic here. It is worth my time and I feel yours too, to piece your units the right way. YES! Don’t put the bias of the half square triangles on the outside. Especially if you are new to quilting. Here is what happens: Your half square triangles become wonky. As a longarm quilter, I see the wonky-ness! If you are watching a 5 to 10 minute tutorial on how to piece a block that includes half square triangles and at the end of piecing that block, that instructor needs to then tell you how to make that block lay flat and how to make the block the correct size.

Back to the saying:

“If you don’t have time to do it right way now, when will you have time to redo and get it right?”

As soon as I get my new routine down, I plan on doing tutorials on proper techniques. I hope you plan on following me and telling your friends! The new year is bringing a “Change in the Air”, great things are going to happen!

Sorry for the long blog post today, I hope you have a terrific day! Happy Quilting everyone!

Nancy McNally…this quilt is very purple! LOL Maybe a little too purple, I will have an alternate background color for you 🙂

pattern coming soon

5 thoughts on “Someone once said…

  1. Good for you, Nancy!!! I am also coming to that conclusion. At 80, I need to quit planning so much ahead of me that I can’t get the task at hand completed. Thanks for sharing your expertise and artistry with us. BTW Nothing is ever “too purple” for some of us!!

  2. Thanks for the mention. One of my personal goals is to help you stop burning at both ends and find simple ways for you to save time so you can fully enjoy your journey. We are going through have so much fun!!!!

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