Thrilled To Pieces


This morning as I was going through yesterday’s mail, I saw the ad from JoAnn Fabric store. On the front of the ad there was a Lone Star quilt and in the caption below it read:

Thrilled to Pieces!

I thought to myself, you know I am thrilled to pieces! Let me explain. Yesterday I had discovered that 4 people who are friends with me on Facebook, had added me to groups. I was not happy with that and I let it be known. I really don’t like it when people do that, you should always ask the person you would like add to the group first. Just simply send them a private message. I know some don’t understand why, some don’t know how it happened. That’s ok, I corrected the mistake by leaving the groups. Next I decided that maybe I should let others know that I have my own private Facebook group:

Sew Anyways with Nancy McNally

I also explained that if you wanted to be a member of my “No Bashing” group then just let me know…oh boy! Did people ever let me know! I love it! I added over a 100 people yesterday. My group is all about supporting and encouraging each other. That’s all. Show us what you are up to.

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