Extreme cold weather…

What happens when it is extremely cold outside? I woke up to -11°F today and the wind chill makes it even colder on the skin! So, what happens in extreme cold weather? SEWING! That’s what happens!

I was going to attempt longarm quilting today…well the longarm rests along side a VERY cold wall. I have a space heater to help keep me warm, but it is just too dang cold along that wall. My backside would be on that wall! NOPE! I’m not gonna freeze. I can’t focus when I am cold.

The funny part about all this, is that for the past 5 years I have been suffering from HOT FLASHES! You know my own personal summer! Not anymore! Now I am cold, often! Having hot flashes in this extremely cold weather would kind of come in handy. Oh well, LOL

Snow drift on deck, it is about 18″ deep

Yesterday, I drove a friend to her doctor appointment. We had extreme cold temps yesterday too. When we arrived at the doctor’s office, my truck left me this message:

Kind of scared me! We are buying a new battery for my truck this weekend!

On to sewing now! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Happy Quilting!

Nancy McNally

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