Mugzy Mug Rug

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16 reviews for Mugzy Mug Rug

  1. Melissa

    cute idea adding the circle. love the fabrics and enjoyed the video

  2. Diana Nolan

    Caught this video on Facebook and stopped to watch. Very nice. A little hard to follow dialogue. Too many distractions and sidelines. Otherwise, interesting and beautiful quilts!

  3. Mary Helen Fisher

    great mug rug!!

  4. Kirsty

    Excellent really helpful

  5. Kathy Stewart

    I really like it and am going to try to make it. Your instructions were very clear.

  6. Kathy Stewart

    I really like it. Your instructions are very clear.

  7. Enola Plaisance

    Love it in those colors.

  8. Carolyn Stull

    I haven’t seen the entire video yet.

  9. Sandra VanDonkelaar

    Such a fun pattern , these will make an exciting accent to the table scape, in halloween colors.

    • Nancy McNally

      I would love to see yours in Halloween colors if you can share ?

  10. Carolyn Solomon

    Love the colors! Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to Cheri too.

  11. Jolene Smith

    Sounds like it is fun to make

  12. Jo johnson

    Love the pattern.

  13. Linda

    It’s adorable. So cute. Thank you!

  14. Charlotte Kogovsek

    I like doing small projects. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nancy McNally


  15. Georgia Thompson

    Easy and good looking

  16. Janet

    So colorful and seems like a great beginner pattern!

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